In 2012, Samsung sought out Spot Promo, SYS Manager's partner with a scenario that required a creative solution. Its sales staff, responsible for organizing and presenting their products in stores, malls and supermarkets, needed to be better managed remotely. They realized the need for an application that would make daily scripts available to teams and be able to track them remotely at points of sale.


To meet Samsung's requirements, partners SYS Manager and Spot Promo have developed an application called SpotWeb, which runs on mobile devices running Android. It is installed on smartphones, allowing you to view daily itineraries of the places to be visited by Samsung professionals and also the physical location of the sales staff, confirming their trip to the scheduled location. If there is no 3G connection in place, the data is stored in the mobile phone and as soon as the link is restored the data is transmitted, thus ensuring full control of the work done daily.


SpotWeb software achieved the expected success and today there are more than 300 licenses provided, ensuring the management of Samsung teams in the state of São Paulo.

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