One of Sys Manager's main objectives is to ensure transparent and ethical corporate conduct in all our relationships, thus reinforcing our daily commitment to transparency and combating and mitigating irregularities.

With this, as an integral part of the Integrity and Compliance Program, we created our Integrity Channelso that all our employees, partners, and customers, anonymously or identified, can bring us suggestions, solve doubts and report situations in non-compliance with the current laws and rules and internal policies.

Useful documents:

It is worth noting that reports can be made in two ways, identified or anonymous, by sending an email to and filling out the form below:

    Regardless of the way chosen to report the report, before finalizing the dissertation/completion of the word, make sure that the information was passed on in the most complete and detailed way possible because the more precise the report, the greater the chances of that the incident is identified and resolved.

    By completing the form, you agree that Sys Manager saves and sends the information provided to the Specific Department, enabling measures to be taken based on the analysis of the content of your responses.