Intelligence, Innovation and Talent

These are the resources we use to transform ideas into efficient businesses.



We build solutions using the best software engineering and project management practices, with an agile methodology and a focus on results and meeting customer expectations.


We offer specialists in several technological areas to meet the market's specific demands, mapping the current situation, solving critical problems, and proposing the best alternatives.


We carry out a careful recruitment and selection process to meet a growing demand for allocation, offering the most suitable professional to the market's needs.


We maintain the perfect functioning of systems and applications on platforms, promoting their continuous evolution using high-quality processes, tools, and professionals.


We are certified for the best licensing solutions and offer customized plans for your needs, providing the best cost-benefit ratio.


We offer modern, high-performance training with official certifications. Through practical applications and teams of experts with extensive experience, we help you achieve agility and results for your business.




Sys Manager has a training platform, the Academy (, que
allows teaching innovative technologies to
deliver content in face-to-face and distance formats. 

The platform provides a unique opportunity to,
in addition to offering specialized training, expand expertise and knowledge. The Academy can collaborate
so that organizations of all sizes can
achieve its strategic objectives.


Sys Manager + OutSystems: FULL-SERVICE partnership with the #1 low-code platform

We serve OutSystems in all areas: training, licensing, projects, support, consulting, and dedicated allocation. With a partnership that started in 2019, we were recognized as the first OutSystems Training Partner in Brazil, and we offer more than 400 hours of courses with official certification.
In addition to this qualification, the partnership already has the Sales and Delivery seals, offering specialists in the sales and delivery of partner projects.
Em 2023, fomos eleitos Top Partner of The Year LatAm da OutSystems, solidificando nossa posição como líderes na América Latina.
Sys Manager's service strategy aims to support companies in the search for excellence in transforming their businesses by selling licenses for the use and provision of quality services in developing and funding digital business solutions through the low-cost platform -code OutSystems. Some of the benefits are time savings, flexibility to meet the needs of companies, and agility in business processes.


Viabilize seus projetos digitais - Integre seu legado e novos sistemas e tenha um ROI garantido

A Sys Manager, consultoria especializada em integração há mais de 20 anos, larga na frente e forma parceria com a Digibee, atuando no mercado Global.

A plataforma HIP (Hybrid Integration Platform) promove diversas vantagens num único ambiente, por exemplo,  automação, agilidade, segurança, governança, monetização e os vários benefícios da disponibilidade em Cloud. Com a parceria formada, pretendemos acelerar o time to market de novos produtos e reduzir as complexidades de troca de informações entre sistemas legados.

Através da geração de pipelines e arquitetura baseada em microsserviços, construímos integrações em até 10x menos tempo que as abordagens convencionais SOA.